What is Hypnosis?

Here is a video in which Kamran Sultan explains what is hypnosis... 

Hypnosis is a Greek word which means ‘sleep’ but Hypnosis is
not sleep.

Hypnosis can be defined as "a sleep like NATURALLY occurring
state of mind in which suggestions have an
impact upon the person experiencing it"

The state of hypnosis called 'trance' is a state of focused concentration. 

Which means in trance your mind is focused on any single stimulus. That
could be hypnotists eyes, pendulum, his voice or even your TV, a book a
web site... 

Personally I believe, hypnosis is a method of communication such that when
you speak others listen, pay attention and follow what is being suggested.  

There are hundreds of ways to induce trance on your self as well as on others.
In our hypnosis  training you will learn many different ways to hypnotize others.
It's so simple you will be amazed.

Most people do not know hypnosis beyond suspense novels and
fiction movies or stage hypnosis. As a result they have many
wrong ideas or misconceptions about hypnosis.

Here are some common myths & misconceptions about hypnosis...

Watch and learn as Kamran Sultan explains
Myths and misconceptions about hypnosis.

Hypnosis is sleep

Even though, hypnosis can be induced by suggestions of sleep,
and sleep may be turned into hypnosis, and hypnosis into sleep,
all scientific test show that the trance is more like the waking
state than ordinary sleep. To Learn Hypnosis click here

People can get stuck in hypnosis - 
hypnosisThere is never any danger of remaining permanently in the trance,
a thing which many people seem  to fear. If the hypnotist stops
speaking to a subject for any length of time, the trance will turn
into ordinary sleep, and the subject will wake up after a few
minutes. To Learn Hypnosis click here

People will reveal their secrets in hypnosis - 
Many people believe that a subject in trance will tell all his/her
secrets.Nothing like this actually happens. People will tell you in
hypnosis only what they would tell you in a normal awakened state.
Many people with  wrong ideas about hypnosis are disappointed
by hearing this one. To Learn Hypnosis click here

Only weak willed people can be hypnotized - 
This is a common belief amongst many people who think, “since
I have astrong will, I can not be  hypnotized.” Research has proved
thatneurotic, psychotics, mentally retarded people can not be
hypnotized. Research has also found that people with strong
will power and ability to focus /  concentrate can be hypnotized.
To Learn Hypnosis click here

You can make people do any thing under hypnosis - 
hypnosisPeople will not do any thing under hypnosis that they will not
do in a normal awakened state. While many people believe that
hypnotized people will engage in any activities  they are asked
to do. In fact a hypnotized person will not do any thing against
his/her ethical & moral codes.  To Learn Hypnosis click here

People lose control in hypnosis - 
Hypnosis is a state of fixation of attention with deep relaxation NOT
stupidity. The fact is, ‘people do not and will not do any thing they
will not do during a fully awakened state.

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Hypnotist has powers in his eyes
hypnosisThere is no such thing as a power in hypnotist's eyes. However since
many people believe this, some hypnotists use hypnotic induction
methods that use this belief of the client. To Learn Hypnosis click here

What most people do not know is that the pioneers of hypnotism have all been fully
qualifiedand and highly respected medical doctors. 

Why Learn Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is one of the most effective methods known to mankind to uncover and 
use the potential of mind. 

It is a proven method to help people change habits, improve skills thus live a happier life. 

It is also one of the fastest growing professions in the world, that's why thousands
of people join it every year. 

As a professionally trained and certified hypnosis practitioner, thousands of people
are earning a high income. SO CAN YOU!

Here are some of the reasons why people learn & uses hypnosis... 

Stress management:

 Stress reduces your productivity, negatively affects your 
 mood, which in turn effects your relationships, your job, 
 your health. Hypnosis is perhaps the most effective way 
 to manage stress. It gives you proven methods to manage
 stress with ease. 

Reduce weight:
wt. Loss 
Hypnosis is excellent to establish new patterns in life, 
such as exercising more or choosing healthier foods.
Hypnosis gives you a lot more control over your eating 
patterns, without taking pills, starving, or sacrificing

Overcome anxiety:

hypnosis pakistan
Brilliant students perform badly due to exam anxiety. 
Many careers are lost due to performance anxiety. 
Hypnosis is most effective method to quickly overcome
any anxiety.

Stop smoking:
hypnosis pakistanHypnosis is excellent for breaking bad habits, especially 
self-destructive onessuch as smoking. 

If you want to quit smoking and you have tried but 
failed to quit with hypnosis, you can stop smoking.

Focus your mind:  

Hypnosis is very effective in improving your focus & 
concentration. Studentswho apply a hypnosis to their 
studies have a much higher success rate.

Develop self confidence:
Self-confidence is the foundation of success. It gives you the
courage to say and do things you would not normally say or
do. Hypnosis is a powerful tool for people who want to gain
confidence, overcome shyness and make you a confident, out
 going person.

Creativity improvement :   

hypnosis pakistan
Hypnosis can help you stir up your creativity. It is very common
for ideas to start popping into your head within twenty-fours
hours of a single hypnosis session. 

Sports performance:
hypnosis pakistan
Pakistan cricket team associated it's success in 20/20
world cup to use of hypnosis by their coach. Athletes
have used hypnosis for decades to teach themselves 
how to be hyper-aware during competitions. 

Memory enhancement: 

hypnosis pakistan
Not only can hypnosis help one’s memory improve on a regular
basis, but one can also use hypnosis to go back and recall and
explore lost memories.